Look Toward Oregon Spring and Right Way to Provide Installation and Associated Parts for Your Suspension Needs

Bushings For Sale and Repair & Other Auto Spring Services in Oregon

Bushings are a very important piece that is needed in cars. They help minimize vibrations and noise caused by the big bumps that cars go over. They are often cylinder in shape and go between two metal pieces, but also allow movement between the pieces. They come in many different materials, including rubber, bronze, steel back, steel encased, and polyurethane, many from the brands of Atro and Harris.

Oregon Auto Spring Services will help you replace your bushings. Certain types of bushings wear out faster than others, so we can help you upgrade to a longer-lasting bushing or simply replace your old bushings with new ones. It’s your choice. All of our bushings that come from a manufacturer come with warranties. Depend on Oregon Auto Spring Services to get your bushings fixed and you on the road. Contact us if you have any questions about specific brands or types of bushings.


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